Why Nick FUry Beats Darth Vader and baby Yoda is road ?

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The episode starts with Mando mid-dogfight, pursued by yet another bounty hunter who’s homed in on the Child. We don’t know how much time has passed since the Razor Crest left Sorgan, or how this latest hunter picked up the trail, but Mando can’t shake him: His ship’s shields are down, and he appears to be moments from meeting the same fate as (Tatooine native!) Biggs Darklighter.

The pursuer, who has a tracking fob for a hood ornament, borrows the Mandalorian’s line from the first chapter, “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold,” but Mando doesn’t take him up on either option. Instead, he takes a page out of the playbooks of pilots from countless chase scenes by throttling down and dropping directly behind his pursuer. He then quickly locks on to his target and fires a fatal blast, eliciting

the longest “Noooo” since Darth Vader heard what happened to Padmé. It seems somewhat unjust that Mando one-shotted his assailant after surviving so many hits himself, but that’s the power of plot armor. It wouldn’t be the last time in “The Gunslinger” that some sort of armor absorbed blaster bolts and let Mando live to tell the tale.


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