Robin Williams denied aforementioned evil tinker harks back!

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A nod to the original film as Eddie visits the diner he used to own, which is now run by Nora Shepherd (Bebe Neuwirth) — aunt of child protagonists Peter and Judy. Then, in that aforementioned mid-credits scene, a heating mechanic finds the battered, malfunctioning Jumanji game in a basement. He appears to tinker with it, which causes him to be sucked into that game just as the other characters were at the beginning of the film.

Most interestingly, though, is that this again harks back to the original movie as a rampaging flock of ostriches are released from the game into the real world. They run past the diner as the teenage protagonists have a reunion meal.

6 Underground is about a team of vigilantes living in a secret hideout, who have plenty of nifty gadgets at their disposal, and dedicate their lives to pulling off heroic missions that will help mankind — an apt summary for any number of cinematic superhero groups. Their quippy banter, laden with pop culture references, feels like it’d be at home in certain Marvel Cinematic Universe entries, while the team’s narrative arc, which centers on the members learning to connect with one another as human beings, parallels how the individual members of the Guardians of the Galaxy spent their first movie learning to trust one another and care about somebody else.

Five years ago, few would’ve believed that the 1995 family adventure romp Jumanji would spark a megabucks Hollywood franchise. There was a lot of nostalgic love for the original film, starring Robin Williams, but it didn’t seem likely that the story had the legs to sustain sequels.

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