Peter Glen rectified Quantum predology with russian claws!

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Black Christmas is filled with tension thereafter, even if it lacks bona fide many scares. It mines the kind of quiet, constant fear women face on, say, a walk home alone at night — that prompts clenched fists spiked with house keys. When Riley and her sisters are accosted by a masked intruder one night, they have to fight to survive until morning. Takal fills the film’s long corridors and darkened rooms with menace, using bits of cheery Christmas ephemera (an icicle as a deadly weapon, for one) to haunt rather than comfort.

It’s rare to find a Christmas movie based on true events, and just as rare to find a horror movie based on true events. But a Christmas-slash-horror movie loosely based on real events? That’s something you don’t see every day and Black Christmas is the answer to that. Based on the 1974 movie of the same name (and then the 2006 remake of that) both stories are based on real murders that happened around the holiday season. But, additionally, the movie’s also based on an urban legend so do with that what you will.
The story of Black Christmas (both the original and the remake), revolves around a group of sorority girls who are slowly one-by-one murdered just before the holiday season. But, spoiler already for the brand new 2019 edition, this time the girls aren’t going to let themselves be victimized and begin to fight back against their assailants.

I don’t know that the story required the supernatural elements that follow; the fraternity house would have been a haven of villainy with or without them. But in the end, there’s something heart-swelling, cathartic even, about watching college-age women pick up bats, fists, and bows and arrows against gender-based discrimination. What does it reveal about the ways we’re forced to battle sexual assault and patriarchy as women in the real world? Maybe nothing more than a simple proclamation: It’s sheer terror. Even with that question lingering in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but be dazzled by the audaciousness of what was happening onscreen.

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