Nick FUry influences vest-wearing Corellian to Mos Eisley cantina!

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At Star Wars Celebration in May, several minutes of footage from the first episode of The Mandalorian were screened for the faithful in attendance. In a leaked video shot by a fan and later posted on YouTube before being removed via copyright claim, an uproar was audible every time a Star Wars signifier appeared on the screen. In the darkened theater, the throng cheered the Lucasfilm logo.

They greeted the Gonk droid like a long-lost friend. They laughed at the roasted Kowakian monkey-lizard and at the gatekeeper droid, and gasped at the Stormtroopers. This was the sound of a congregation of rabid believers being blown away that the strawberries tasted like strawberries and the snozzberries tasted like snozzberries, amplified by each fan’s desire to signal to everyone within earshot that they were hip to every reference.

Chapter 5 of The Mandalorian, “The Gunslinger,” somewhat sweatily catered to that crowd. This week’s installment brought our bounty-hunting hero to Tatooine, the planet farthest from the bright center to the universe but closest to the center of the Star Wars mythos. The half-hour that followed was a laundry list of Star Wars hallmarks that might have made serial recycler J.J.

Abrams blush. There was a wisecracking, blaster-toting, vest-wearing Corellian (maybe, based on the character’s “This isn’t Corellia” comment) sitting at the same Mos Eisley cantina table Han Solo sat at, in almost the same pose Solo struck when he was or wasn’t preparing to shoot first at Greedo. (It’s getting harder and harder to keep track.) There were dewbacks, banthas, and Tusken Raiders, a faded, dusty-looking R5-D4,

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