Moff Gideon took Baby Yoda as rendezvous hector with Gideon!

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It was one thing when I could sort of separate the way Baby Yoda shakes me, from my eyeballs down to my uterus, from the rest of the goings-on, but then Sedaris recreated her Strangers With Candy strut and I just… could… not… breathe. Star Wars is fine and all — I like it! It’s neat! — but Sedaris is MY Jedi, and the fact that The Mandalorian gave her to me in this package means that it’s got me in the bag completely. Just tell Werner Herzog to stick a fork in me, cuz I’m DONE.

So yes, I love this show, but I say that while knowing that certain elements are overshadowing the overall narrative. If I set aside the meme-able content and “oh sh*t!” moments, what’s left? Outlaw dude on the run with a baby. That’s it, and it’s enough for me, but I’m sensing that other people’s mileage may vary. Not much has happened so far, and I think the show has gotten away with that by keeping the episodes at a spare 30 mins each. Mando has no end goal in sight, and he has no plan. We don’t know why Baby Yoda is important other than maybe midichlorians or whatever.

The villain is the remains of the Empire, but really it’s whatever nameless bounty hunter has taken their commission and tripped into Mando in any given episode. This status quo is inexhaustible, really — or at least it relies not on Mando’s actions but on the outside forces stepping up their game to change things. Our heroes are a faceless man who is just getting by, and a powerful child who can’t talk. The pace is oddly meditative. It’s impressive that the show works as well as it does, but it’s also obvious that at some point, something gotta give. Or at least happen.

Which brings me to the end of the episode, when a mysterious figure approaches Fennec Shand’s corpse in the desert. Most fans are speculating that this character will be revealed to be Moff Gideon, the Imperial officer played by Giancarlo Esposito. At one point Shand mentioned she was on her way to a rendezvous in Mos Espa, and the theory is that she was supposed to be meeting with Gideon — perhaps to take a job from him, the same way Mando originally took the job from The Client. When she didn’t show up, he came looking for her. What this will mean for Mando, I’m not entirely sure.

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