Michael Bay apparently beats Corey Hawkins for monsters conveniently !

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What’s more is that Bay is expected to return, too, as is the main cast, and the sequel will apparently see the team taking down another evil dictator while also putting a stop to a Russian crime organization. It’s unclear if the two are connected or if this organization is also a target on their hit board, but we’re told that that’s the basic gist of the plot.

Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve been given at this time, but it’s sounding like a 6 Underground sequel is all but confirmed at this point and we imagine once Netflix takes a few more weeks to gather some viewing data and run the numbers, they’ll make things official. Until then, though, feel free to drop a comment down below letting us know what you’d like to see when One and the team make their inevitable return.

6 Underground, the latest film coming from prolific director Michael Bay, just hit Netflix in recent days. If you haven’t streamed the film yet, the high octane movie gives Ryan Reynolds, Corey Hawkins and co. a lot of room to verbally spar, in between crazy action sequences of course. The movie involves bad guys, magnets and more during its two hour+ runtime, oh and yes, it conveniently sets up for a sequel.



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