Boba Fett warned jason Tatooine for quantamize sandcrawler!

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Gifted for the first time with the tools and the budget to make something that looked like a genuine Star Wars movie, Filoni punted on charting a new path for the franchise, handed the controls to his own inner 8-year-old, and started spinning, because that’s a good trick. The Mandalorian’s first four chapters forged an identity for the series that stood apart from the Skywalker saga. Chapter 5 threw away that world-building for the chance to say, “Fuck it, we’re going to Tatooine.”

Granted, it’s not as though the series has avoided tie-ins to other Star Wars works: Baby Yoda wouldn’t be as all-consuming a phenomenon if not for our built-in affection for 900-year-old Yoda. The Mandalorian may have teased us by placing a possible Boba Fett in the background, but it didn’t make the sighting explicit. Most of the earlier Easter eggs were well-hidden, invoking characters as obscure as Ice Cream Guy and drawing on sources as unseen as Ewoks

The Battle for Endor and the Star Wars Holiday Special. Sure, Kuiil’s mercenary-swarmed getaway was reminiscent of Tatooine, from the terrain to the Jawas and sandcrawler, but visiting the actual Tatooine is too obtrusive. None of this episode’s events had to happen on Tatooine; if you are going to go there, at least provide a reason more compelling than wish fulfillment for Jon Favreau and Filoni.

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